About Me:

Creative producer of J Tights. Born and raised in California. I love being at the beach. I’m obsessed with tennis and enjoy traveling. My motto in life is to practice being present.

My Story:

I’ve always had to wear nylons as a required part of my uniform. I could never find a pair that we’re comfortable. That got me inspired, so I decided to create my own! My goal for J Tights is to create a luxurious undergarment. I customized them with built in full support. Made to feel like your second skin. Durable for all day, high level activity. No digging, pulling or sagging. Appropriate to wear with everything as there is no color variation. Ultimately helping every woman look and feel good all day long. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Here at J Tights we are passionate about making women look and feel fabulous. Our product seamlessly merges support and durability with luxury and comfort. The result is an everyday essential that looks and feels like second skin. In addition all pieces of our collection are made here in the USA, something we can all feel good about!

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